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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: First Nations People, Métis and Inuit

The last publicly available statistical data published by Statistics Canada was published in 2011.

Aboriginal people – Diverse groups living across the country

Aboriginal people numbered 1.4 million in 2011

New data from the National Household Survey (NHS) show that 1,400,685 people had an Aboriginal identity in 2011, representing 4.3% of the total Canadian population.

Aboriginal people accounted for 3.8% of the population enumerated in the 2006 Census, 3.3% in the 2001 Census and 2.8% in the 1996 Census.

Of the people who identified themselves as an Aboriginal person in the 2011 NHS, 851,560, or 60.8%, identified as First Nations (North American Indian) only; 451,795, or 32.3%, identified as Metis only; and 59,445, or 4.2%, identified as Inuit only. An additional 26,475, or 1.9%, reported other Aboriginal identities and 11,415 or 0.8%, reported more than one Aboriginal identity.

First Nations people made up 2.6% of Canada’s total population while Metis comprised 1.4%, and Inuit 0.2%.

First Nations people

There are more than 600 First Nations/Indian bands in Canada (for example, Musqueam Indian Band, in British Columbia, Sturgeon Lake First Nation, in Alberta, and Atikamekw of Manawan, in Quebec) and over 60 Aboriginal languages reported by First Nations people – an indication of the diversity of First Nations people across the country.
Many First Nations people live in Ontario and the western provinces

In 2011, the largest First Nations population was in Ontario (201,100) where 23.6% of all First Nations people in Canada lived. The next largest was in British Columbia (155,020), where they represented 18.2% of all First Nations people. Moreover, 116,670 First Nations people lived in Alberta, representing 13.7% of all First Nations people in the country. However, First Nations people living in these three provinces accounted for less than 4% of the population in each of these provinces.

First Nations people represented the largest shares of the total population of the Northwest Territories, followed by Yukon, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. First Nations people accounted for almost one-third of the total population of the Northwest Territories, close to one-fifth of the total population of Yukon and about 10% of the population of Manitoba and that of Saskatchewan. – Source Statistics Canada

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